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Home Accessories Store

You want some unique furniture or accessories for your house in Holly Hill, Ladson, or Summerville, SC, but you're disappointed to find out that most local stores seem to be offering the same types of items. If the merchandise seems almost the same from one store to the next, how are you supposed to find something that will make your house truly stand out? Here at The Everything Store, we understand your predicament because we have been there too! In fact, one of the reasons we started our used furniture store is because we wanted to put the fun back into shopping for items for your home. Each time you visit The Everything Store, we can guarantee that you will find something different. Our loyal customers love the treasure hunt aspect of the shopping experience, and we are ready to welcome you and help you find something unique, too! 

Whether you want to consign or buy, there's no better home accessories store in the Summerville, SC area than The Everything Store. Our selection is constantly growing and changing, so we encourage you to stop by often to find something new to you. Since our items have been previously loved by other owners, we are able to offer them at very competitive prices. Shopping at The Everything Store is a great way to stretch your home budget without having to compromise on style or quality. 

If you are uncertain about shopping at a used furniture store, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by your experience here at The Everything Store. We only select high quality, attractive items, so you can be sure that you're choosing from an impressive selection. In addition to furniture, our home accessories store also stocks lamps, rugs, photo frames, and everything else that you need to turn your house into a home.

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